About Chaudhry Sahab

Chaudhry Sahab is an E-commerce Business letting customers to Shop from ALI GROUP and Amazon without using Credit Cards. Access Millions of Products choose what you want and Chaudhry Sahab will bring it to you.

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ky Kaam ki Tareefen..

Arshad Ali

Been looking for a long time for a service that allows easy payment method and reliability regarding Ali express orders.. To my surprise CHAUDHRY SAHAB were the guys for the job.. Highly recommend them to anyone wanting to order from Ali express / Amazon but are too hesitant..

Wahid khan

Very co-operative and honest. 100% trusted for me. Thank You CHAUDHRY SAHAAB 3) Delivery on time, Reasonable Freight Charges, Instant reply. These are the key characteristics of a good merchant and CHAUHDRY SAHAB have all these qualities.

Shahid Ahmed

CHAUDHRY SAHAB, Thankyou so much Everything works perfectly. Package was very well secured and arrived very fast without complications